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2010 midseason update!

Monday, June 7th, 2010

The 2010 season is in full swing. Some highlights:

  • At the 4-11 AI event, no BDR member lost to anyone who wasn’t also a BDR member: Dan 1st in AS; John/Travis 1st/2nd in STX; Slava/Mei/Ben 1st/2nd/3rd in STS.
  • John and Travis split the first two WDCR points events. Travis won the “need to be careful and patient” event, with John taking the “need to be loud and crazy” event.
  • Ed, Ben and Mark have all had excellent CDC finishes including Mark picking up 98 index points at the 5-29 event.
  • John had the 4th fastest time overall and top time on street tires at the 4-17 BMWCCA event.
  • PAX results have been very solid this year for everyone.

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    2009 Season kickoff weekend!

    Sunday, March 29th, 2009

    The autocross offseason is long and painful. Unlike those jerks on the West Coast, we only get to autocross for eight months a year. The four months where we can’t are filled with car acquisitions, talking about setup changes, research about setup changes, actual setup changes (including ill-advised arbitrary non-math based spring rate changes, buying clown car wheels with wide tires and, contrary to popular “import tuning” trends, actually *removing* large spoilers from turbo AWD cars) and a lot of Max’s on Broadway. This year was no exception – some updates:

    • John and Travis will be codriving in STX this year while Travis gets his NB Miata ready for C-stock. (No, Miata is not a strange slang word for “15 year old Saturn”.
    • Slava and Mei will again be representing the (literally) antique MKI MR2 in STS (formerly known as “STS2″). Slava put his “2″ magnets up for sale:Anyway….anyone want to buy two Orange “2″ magnets? Used one season, magnetic properties still like new!!!1 Did I mention that they are ORANGE? John’s response: Only driven slowly by an old man on Sundays?
    • Ben will be back in his STU Evo, but with 95% less spoiler. Technically it’s still a wing, because air passes underneath it. Take that, rulebook.
    • Kevin will be putting some shiny parts on his 2008 STi after abandoning his 05 STi. He’s been in touch with the nice folks from Vorshlag about a new suspension setup from AST that should be quite nice once dialed in.
    • Ed is officially the first BDR member that has to juggle having a child (congrats) and racing (and coincidentally, the first BDR member to own a minivan).

    Time for some events!

    Event #1: 3-28: CDC @ Harry Grove

    Slava, Mei, Ben, Dan, Ed and Alski started the season off with a wet/cold event at Harry Grove. Results are not up yet, but people were pretty fast. E-man was displeased. John was getting his car ProTuned and could not attend.

    Event #2: 3-29 CDC @ Harry Grove (Test n’ Tune)

    Alski went back to try to get a crack at the same course, but in the dry. He knocked quite a bit off his time. His triumphant text message to Slava indicated “great success”. Say it with a Borat accent for full effect.

    Event #3: 3-29 WDCR/SCCA @ Fedex (Test n’ Tune)

    As is becoming DC tradition, the season greeted some with crummy weather. After a rainy Saturday and light mist Sunday morning, the course was pretty damp. Not quite this damp, … but not dry, either. (pic from the 4-20-2008 event, which ironically used the same course)

    Kevin and Ben, both on new RE01Rs, got the blessing of running in the wettest heat. Josh put on a show, taking the fastest time in the heat and winning the class by almost nine tenths. Ben ended up in 3rd (a trophy position) with a 63.2. Kevin, still in a stock 08 STi (except for the tires) ended up in 10th.

    John and Travis, both on last year’s RE01Rs in John’s WRX, got the slightly better but somewhat random “drying” conditions. John wasted four cones on his first run, feeling out the available grip. Travis, seeing an opportunity, took out four cones on the first sweeper (with the wrong side of the car), and picked up another few on the way to the finish. The second runs were less eventful, with both improving. John’s 3rd run netted a safe 63.5, but with drying conditions knew it was not going to be enough. Travis’s 3rd run was a second faster – 62.596 – but collective neglect of the tire pressures (now at 39/35 from a start of 36/32) had left the car, shall we say, spin-prone. Travis ended up taking out four cones after the lights, negating what was otherwise a great run. Both dropped time on their last run, but not enough to catch Larry (62.2) or Craig (62.558 !!!!!), leaving John 3rd and Travis 4th. That set up this exchange, later in the day:

    Craig: John, where is your last name from?

    John: I dunno, I think it’s French or something.

    Craig: No it’s not.

    John (as usual, not looking ahead): No, I think it is, when I was in France, I saw it in the phonebook…

    Craig: It can’t be – I already know that “Obadia” is the French word for “slow”.

    John: …

    You cut me deep, Craig.

    In STS (formerly STS2) Mei and Slava were eager to see how the car would work with a freshly reSlava’d engine and the new 225-width Toyos on 7.5″ wheels. The answer: really well. Slava’s first run was a dirty 60.4, which would have put him in 3rd (the last trophy slot) were it clean. Slava’s orange facemask seemed to pick up a few though, with Slava ending on a 61.6 and Mei taking round 1 of intraspouse battle with a 61.3. Applebottom jeans, perhaps the key?

    2008 DC ProSolo: John’s writeup

    Monday, July 28th, 2008

    The DC ProSolo is always a good time. Unless you’re a clutch, in which case it’s probably your least favorite time of the year. I managed to snag a spot in STX, despite some goofiness with the registration system (“register at 11 pm! just kidding, send in a fax! wait, no, online registration works again!”).

    Thankfully the car didn’t have any mechanical issues coming in. I took it to Andrewtech the Friday of practice starts, just to make sure that the alleged coolant leak was not present, and to get the squeaky belt desqueakified.

    Practice starts and registration on Friday was pretty low key. I was getting 1.8′s for 60-foots and was in the .5′s and .6′s for reaction time.

    Saturday AM started out okay – 3rd place behind Greg McCance (last year’s STX ProFinale champ) and JR from Philly. No help in Saturday PM, but now I was only .008 in front of Jason Wong (in Greg’s car). On Sunday morning, Eric Chiang bumped me to 4th by finding some time. With the pressure on, on my last run on the right course and last run of the event,  I eked out another tenth or so to put myself back into 3rd. After coning away the last trophy spot at the 2007 DC Pro I was pretty happy to come through this time :)

    After the Sunday AM runs were over we had the Bonus Challenge drawing. After volunteering to work the Challenge rounds the last two years (including the Great Deluge of 2006) I wanted to actually put my name in the hat this time. I got picked! In the first round I drew Chris Franson from DSP. I ended up breaking out on the left, and almost breaking out on the right (if not for a .8xx reaction time) and advanced when Chris coned on the right side course. In the semifinal I drew Scott Hoffman in his HS RSX. After running on the longer left side course I was down by nine tenths. On the shorter right course, I made up seven of the nine tenths but ultimately lost it at the lights with bad reaction times on both sides (.785 and .805 after averaging low .6xx’s). I blame my clutch (which died after the event) but in reality my 2nd launch was a break in concentration when I got confused about whose light was supposed to go off first.

    Again, huge thanks to Andrewtech for getting the car sorted, and again to DTD (source of my Neovas), Hypercoil (source of my springs) and TurboXS (source of my downpipe) for their support this season!


    Friday, April 25th, 2008

    (at the 4-20-2008 WDCR Tornado-cross)

    Mei: *spins*

    Slava: Oh no! She lifted!

    Slava: (after run) Why did you lift?

    Mei: (indignant) I didn’t lift!

    I just let off the gas a little.

    John: That’s getting written down.