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BDR Storms STS and DS; Slava Breaks Out; Ass Kicks Ass

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004

For Immediate Release, June 23 2004

Butt Dyno Racing continued its inaugural season with a solid performance at the third WDCR/SCCA event at Fedex. Everyone was in attendance except for Prinya (didn’t register in time) and Eric (didn’t register at all).

John was present only in as a consultant and photographer, as NTB had left one of his studs spinning in the hub after a failed wheel lock removal. They also crossthreaded two lugs on the rear left tire. As such John’s car would not have passed safety inspection. Chris offered John his IS300, but the IS300′s lack of b00st was too disturbing for John to seriously consider it. (And he feels wierd driving other people’s cars)

The event was the 3rd of 7 SCCA events in the DC region this year. For this event, Slava was co-driving Mei’s Koni-equipped Celica GT-S as his clutch had given up the ghost. Jake was patiently awaiting his new Tein suspension. Jake, Chris, Andy, and John all walked into the event with some points for the season standings.

The course design was said to be very fun, but as the PR Director’s car was on the shelf, this cannot be elaborated on in this press release.

STS was hotly contested at this event, with 26 entrants. Mei, in approximately her 4th autocross ever, finished 17th, 4.5 seconds out of the lead. For as few autocrosses as she has done, it was a solid performance. Jake finished 14th, 3.2 seconds out of first. He was a little pissed, but the new Teins and Hotchkis sways will definitely help him get closer. Dan finished 11th, 3.1 seconds off the lead. Unfortunately, Dan only got one clean run in before his radiator decided to start puking all over his engine bay. Slava had a breakout performance, finishing 7th, 2.1 seconds off the lead.

DS was also huge at this event. There were 19 D Stock entries all told, making it the most highly populated stock class. Chris Hall, with his Evolution school training fresh in his mind, finished 9th, 5.3 seconds out of the lead. Not bad for someone who still hasn’t done a full season worth of events and whose only modification is a set of Kumho MX tires and a cat-back exhaust. Once Chris breaks down and buys a set of Victoracers, expect the times to fall even further. Andy finished an awesome 5th, only 1.6 seconds off DS winner Larry Spector’s Integra Hype-R. Andy’s runs were good enough for 51st overall in PAX out of 233 entrants. That’s the 22nd percentile, definitely something for everyone to shoot for.

“Ass P own3d everyone” said Team Lazy spokeslazy Roger P. “I suck. This was my worst outing ever.” said a disappointed, disgusted Jake. Jake later blamed the timing equipment, as that could be the only true explanation for his pathetic times. “I drove Mei Mei’s car and it’s gooder then mine” observed Slava. “Fuck you, Alan at Lorton NTB for making me miss a fucking autocross” added a murderous John.

The next event for BDR is the July 11 SCCA event at Fedex Field. Look for John to try to get his season on track.

For more information, contact Butt Dyno Racing’s Public Relations Director at bdr@johntology.org.