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BDR OffSeason Report #1

Sunday, October 17th, 2004

For Immediate Release, October 17 2004

With the season over, the BDR crew can now recuperate and plan for next season’s series.

Standings: There were several BDR members in the SCCA points chase this year. Here’s how it all sorted out at year-end:

  • Andy P: 7th overall, D Stock
  • Chris H: 16th overall, D stock
  • Jake W: 10th overall, STS
  • Slava B: 17th overall, STS
  • Prinya S: 25th overall, STS
  • John W: 6th overall, STX

Brandon also had an awesome season (2nd overall in STX, damn the Conspiracy!) but it was not under the BDR flag. Next year, it will be.Vinyl: BDR stickers are in the works. “I don’t think I have any more room for stickers, but I’ll try” said vinyl addict Andy P. The stickers will be black (for stealth) and ambiguous as to their meaning. All the better to intimidate riceboys and domestic knuckle draggers at stoplights. “Whoa – BDR? Don’t they make turbos as big as my head?” “Yeah man, I’m running a BDR-50 with 87 pounds of boost”.

Going: Chris Hall, because of his unhealthy addiction to being athletic instead of simply sitting in his car, may be autocrossing much less next year.

Arriving: BDR welcomes STX #14 and fellow Mini-hunter Brandon F to the team. One theory is that he looked at the other BDR times and is just using it as an opportunity to get free pizza.


  • The nut behind the wheel – everyone’s #1 reason for slow times. BDR is planning to do an autocross school before the start of the season to make sure that the nuts are as tight as they can be.
  • John has delusions of grandeur for the 2005 season. Aside from the school, he will be buying some coilovers with federal pound-me-in-the-ass spring rates to replace his comfortable but understeer-prone STi type RA setup. One of these days he might actually get inspired to install that uppipe he has had for about a year now. (He finally bought gaskets.) Big thanks to Fatih at SELGP for the advice and assistance. John is also stumped as to what tires he should run for next year – the STX “cheater” tires from nationals may be calling his name.
  • Jake will be getting his butt planted and a slight lightening with his soon-to-be had TRD seat. He will probably be joining the Subzero crew as well, with some Falkens.
  • Slava will be running in DSP next year. Slava will be the first *SP BDR member. w00t!
  • Prinya may be in a different car for next year – perhaps an Evolution. (Please stay in A stock!)
  • Eric “may” be reprazenting the raw powa of the Scion tC next year. Classing is not set yet.

Look for sheer, awesome dominance (or at least, better times) out of BDR in 2005.

For more information, contact Butt Dyno Racing’s Public Relations Director at bdr@johntology.org.

BDR Ends The Season At Fedex

Wednesday, October 6th, 2004

For Immediate Release, October 6 2004

Butt Dyno Racing closed out its inaugural season with a pretty good performance at the final WDCR/SCCA event at Fedex.

This WDCR event was SCCA members only, much to the dismay of Chris Hall who showed up at 7:30 wearing a Members Only jacket expecting to be let in. Dan, Prinya, and Eric were resulting no-shows. John, Jake, Andy and Slava ran, and the Mei showed up to assist with ridealong wisdom.

Setup notes for this event: Very few changes from the last event. Andy showed up with new Sparco stickers, and harnesses to match. Andy’s lead in the “percentage of your car obscured by vinyl or magnetic material” is pretty overwhelming, but the gap should be narrowed next year. Other than that, John ran some slightly higher tire pressures in his Falkens.

The course was a mirror of the September course, which was itself an excellent course.

STS was again very well populated with 26 entrants. Slava’s best was a 62.7, which put him in 12th place in the class (131/223 PAX). Jake came through with another strong performance – a 61.2 on his final run, good for 5th place out of 26 (92/223 PAX).

John was again BDR’s lone STX car, but possibly for the last time. After starting off reasonably okay, he couldn’t get his time low enough to make himself happy. “The car felt great on the first two runs, and felt good on the 3rd run, but on the 3rd run the tires started squealing. On the 4th run I couldn’t do anything. It sucked. A lot” mumbled the ever-bitter John. “I should have bought the f@#$$ing Kumhos.” The fourth run went off course relatively early after some relatively disgusting understeer in the “fast” part of the course. His 61.9 placed him in 5th out of 9 in STX (117/223 PAX).

D stock was down from its usual massiveness, but still well subscribed, with 12 cars. Andy started out with a 61.6 on his first run, but then he was reminded how his mother had been injured by a traffic cone when he was still young. “You won’t like me when I’m angry” he was reported to say. His resulting rage turned into a cone-mangling orgy – one on his second run, two on his 4th run, and three on his 5th run (a rerun) Quoth Andy, “I think I hit 9 or 10 cones on that run, but they stopped counting at 3.” On his third run, Andy was deeply troubled when he came across two cones pointing at each other in the middle of the course. “I forgot my Knight Rider thrusters to hurl me OVER those. So I instead stopped and looked dumb to the course workers. When the carnage had died down, the cone population and Andy’s front bumper both breathed a large sigh of relief. Despite all this, Andy finished 5th in what has been a very competitive class all year (106/223 PAX). Unfortunately, Brian Hair had stepped out of his BMW into a real automobile *coughblueWRXcough* and won the class with a 57.6.

Jake was the clear pizza winner, but no pizza was had, as various people had to go do various things afterwards.

All in all, another event. Look for big things from teh BDR next year.

For more information, contact Butt Dyno Racing’s Public Relations Director at bdr@johntology.org.