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BDR Tests, Tunes at Fedex: Despite Mechanical Issues, Strong Results

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

For Immediate Release, March 22 2005

BDR kicked off the season with a vengeance at the March 20th WDCR-SCCA Test & Tune.

All of the season subscribers were in attendance. However, it became quickly apparent that more testing and tuning would have to go on:

  • Slava was unjustly denied the ability to run tires that were visibly showing cord. “This is an outrage!” bellowed the angry Communist. “Who makes up these stupid rules, anyway?” As a result, he ran Kumho R-compounds in the front with regular summer tires in the rear.
  • Slava had a very trick suspension setup for this event – Tein HA’s in the front and TRD struts/springs in the rear. BDR fully expects this to become the norm in the Street Prepared classes. You heard it here first, folks.
  • Prinya was also running different tires front and rear. He went with the more conventional “same suspension front and rear” setup, however.
  • Jake was running 205-55-16 RE92′s in the front with 215-45-17 Toyo T1-S in the rear, thanks to the incredibly competent engineers at National Tire & Battery. “Those guys really do great work”, remarked Jake, “there is no way in hell this lug is EVER coming off. Good job, guys!” Sadly, the event organizers would not let him run his car in its rear wheel drive configuration (i.e., in reverse).
  • Other members had shiny new things to experiment with. Brandon was on his inaugural runs with the new Azenis RT-615. John was on his shiny “new to me” JIC coilovers. Andy was on “new to him” Victoracers. Dan was driving an “I miss VTEC” 240SX.

    Mei’s car was unchanged. With her new Higgins(tm) Koni-Adjusting Gizmo, she had her shocks dialed in in no time.

    The course was fun and fast. There was a clutch-glazing uphill launch and enough slalom cones to build a cone wall from Fedex to Topeka. There was also a show corner where everyone could demonstrate to onlookers that their car was low enough to scrape.

    Andy finished 10th in a D stock class freshly stocked with Integra Type-ARRRR’s. Andy had been screwing with tire pressures all day and gotten conflicting advice. “I sucked out there. My back end popped out more than J-Lo’s” he said. He is also not done prepping his car to the limits of the class.

    Slava had his work cut out for him in D Street Prepared. He finished 6th overall. Despite his attachment to it, there is a possibility he will be going with the tried and true “use the same suspension on all four corners” rule for the next event.

    STS was filled with a good variety of cars as always – twenty in total. Meimei finished 16th in class. She is still catching up to the stupid amount of events that most of BDR has run. Dan finished 12th in class in the driftmobile. “At one point, the car stopped to cry out ‘turbo me’ – which was not good for my time” noted Dan. Finishing strong was Jake – 5th in class. This is a heck of an accomplishment for a car running RE92′s on the drive wheels.

    STX looks to be chock full of insanity this year, with plenty of talented fresh blood to go along with the existing pool of Azenis junkies. Prinya’s mismatched tires were good for 13th in class. “Hrm, if my motor explodes I could buy an Evo” he mumbled. Several times, Prinya’s motor had asked “PING?” to which he replied “PONG!” Finishing 5th, but actually finishing 8th, was John’s Subaru. Due to a scoring mistake, his first run time of 55.7 was the leading time in STX after the first run. In actuality, that 55.7 was a 55.7+3. It’s difficult to miss three cones, but apparently not impossible. After a spin on the second run, and barely nipping a cone on a 55.6 3rd run, he backed off and came up with a 56.4 as his best clean run. Brandon showed everyone up and won STX with a 53.0. Not only did this win the class, beating the Olsens and Randy’s wagon, it was good for the best ST time of the day and #2 PAX overall (behind Brian G). This is an awesome accomplishment.

    Brandon’s time made him the shoe-in for the pizza award and the early leader in the race for the Pizza The Hut award.

    The next event is April 17th, and it is not members-only.

    For more information, contact Butt Dyno Racing’s Public Relations Director at bdr@johntology.org.