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2006 BDR Season Preview

Sunday, January 15th, 2006

As usual, BDR’s offseason is full of change.

  • John: John is continuing to prep his WRX to the limits of the STX class. New this year will be 17×8 Enkeis, StopTech brakes, an intake, an inlet hose, a ProTune and some other shininess. The Miata will be halfassedly prepped for STS2 as a backup car, but its primary purpose in life is HPDE so not too much change there.
  • Jake: Jake may run John’s Miata in STS2. Jake’s Celica had a rough 2005 and needs some fixin’.
  • Slava: Slava bought Marc’s old MK1 MR2 and is preparing it for STS2. This means 15×7 Enkeis with Falken 615′s, D2 coilovers, in addition to overhauling the entire almost-antique car to newish form.
  • Mei: Mei’s continuing in STS this year, with coilovers replacing her Koni setup.
  • Andy: Andy is currently planning on running his Celica in DSP, but who knows :)
  • Dan: Dan is currently slotted for STS-fun, but will likely only participate to avoid being bored in between track weekends.
  • Brandon: Brandon’s staying in STX. Like John he’ll be adding some power mods.
  • Paul: Keepin’ it stock, and sticking mostly to track events.
  • Ben: Ben has upgraded to a shiny new Mitsubishi product which should be a significant upgrade over his automatic STS Celica GT. Of note is this car’s manual transmission.
  • Ed: The 2005 NEDiv STS2 champ will be returning for more STS2 battles.
  • Neal: Neal is new to the whole BDR thing, but he’ll likely be head of the BDR Marketing Department from BDR’s New Jersey headquarters. He is planning on making his RX7 fast AND reliable.

Stay tuned for updates from the 2006 season!