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BDR Test & Tune update!

Sunday, March 26th, 2006

The autocross season doesn’t *really* start until April. But BDR came out of hibernation early to get a jump start on 2006.

January 28th: Ben attended one of the Philadelphia SCCA region’s “winter” autocross series events. He finished 2nd out of 5 in A stock in his shiny new Evo.

  • No pictures, no video

February 18th: Ben and John attended the second Philadelphia SCCA region “winter” autocross series. The event was filled with strange mixed weather which included miserable wind, a little bit of rain, and a very short flurry. John finished 3rd out of 9 in STX, behind another WRX and a well driven Spec V. Ben was called off course on all four runs. We’re pretty sure this was bogus, possibly caused by novice courseworkers. Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera on his car that day.

March 25: Ben, Slava, Mei, Ed, John and Dan came out for the CDC season opener at Harry Grove. Ben finished with 73 points, followed by Slava (63), Ed (49) and Mei (46). John and Dan drove as well, but John lost their results sheet so no times were recorded. That’s OK – it was a test and tune.

March 26: This was the official WDCR SCCA test & tune. Brandon had a strong showing in STX: 2nd/14. John was further back in 8th. Andy and Stefan finished 6th and 8th in FS respectively, in Stefan’s new M5. Slava finished 3rd in his first crack at the WDCR’s STS2 competition. Mei finished 12th/19 in a hotly competitive testing and tuning STS class. Ed finished 4th in STS2 and Ben finished 19th in A stock in his shiny new Evo.

No one paxed below 160/245, which is pretty solid.