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End of July wrapup

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

July 29th: National Road Rally at Cumberland

Cumberland Airport, several zip codes away from Fedex, has hosted various motorsports events since the 1950′s. Having heard good things, John drove allll the way out there to see what it was like. The overall verdict: It could use a little more organization and perhaps some more technical courses, but it’s pretty fun.

It was a two day event, but with the Katona Memorial on Sunday, John only ran on Saturday. John managed to hit the same slalom cone on three of his runs. His fastest run of the day was a 58.8 that he made unnecessarily long by going on the wrong side of a gate. His only clean run was a 60.281, still good for first place and 16th overall in PAX. The 58.8, if clean, would only have put him in 11th.

Everyone was amazingly friendly, even the guy wearing the t-shirt that said “Welcome to America, now speak English.” There were some nice cars as well, including several old Audi quattros.

July 30th: Ron Katona Memorial @ Fedex

With Slava and Mei plotting their wedding, and Ed busy doing something else, only the turbo/all wheel drive members of BDR made it out for the Ron Katona Memorial event.

John’s campaign to get some Subaru owners to their first autocross had proved successful. The Katona was attended by no less than thirty-one Subarus. Unsurprisingly, Ben was STILL the only Evo at the day’s autocross. Many excuses were uttered from the Evo camp, mostly about how they were too busy re-touching their dyno charts in Photoshop for use in their evolutionm.net signature. Ben is apparently the only Evo owner in a 200-mile radius who has not swapped to a GT35R.

When the dust had settled, Ben had represented the Mitsu camp well, finishing 12th in a 26-car STU class, only 4 seconds behind Mike Neary.

For this event, John offered Brandon a codrive in his overprepped and underdriven WRX. Brandon had previously had success in John’s car, winning STX at the May 13th event. After Brandon found a hole in one of his tires following his 3rd run, John offered up his car for Brandon’s 4th run and Brandon did not disappoint, overcoming the car’s twitchy tendencies with a 54.9.

STX was, as usual, quite interesting. The Olsens, as they have done so many times in the past, took up two of the trophy positions. However, the 2nd place trophy went to Gil Bucher in a borrowed Mazdaspeed Protege. Vince was 4th, .1 behind Larry Olsen, and Brandon was 5th, .1 behind Vince. John finished 6th after experiencing a severe glovebox failure that marred his 3rd run.

Alex from Team WTF?! took pictures during STX instead of driving like he usually does, so there are some excellent pictures of the car with the Trunkmonkey in full swing in the gallery.

WDCR Event #4: STS2 battlestage!!1JDM

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

For the the July 16th DC region autocross, the fourth of 2006, seven BDR members were in attendance. All of them were in Street Touring categories. No one is sure if this is because John was attacked by a set of Hoosiers as a kid, or if the vast Falken cartel is secretly funding BDR’s racing efforts, or if the team is just too freaking lazy to swap tires. Fortunately, the ST* classes are all hotly contested in the DC region.

In Street Touring Ultra, Ben was again the lone Lan-Evo (king of the mountain!) fending off a sea of Subarus. Fellow Evo owners could not be reached for comment, as they were busy doing everything except drive their cars in a legal, competitve setting. Ben finished 11th but coned away a run that would have pushed him into 9th in what is one of the DC region’s most competitive classes.

In Street Touring S, Andy completed his third autocross event of the year and finished strong – fourth out of 16 in STS, on a set of mediocre all seasons. He finished about .7 out of a trophy slot. He is currently shopping for a set of Azenis to solidify BDR’s street tire monoculture.

In Street Touring X, Greg Olsen was once again in first, and with Brandon running STS2, Vince Bly was once again in second. Third place was up for grabs. After three runs, John was sitting in the final trophy slot with a 65.8. This was despite a massive disgusting understeer event on the last hard lefthander. John knew that he needed to improve still in order to maintain 3rd. Unfortunately, Mark Silvia came through with a 65.5 and John could not improve, dropping back to 4th. Despite this, John was only 1.4 seconds out of first place, by far his best effort of the year.

Thanks to Mei’s blown engine and Brandon’s continued assault on the bachelor party circuit, four BDR members ended up driving in the STS2 class. Brandon co-drove Ed’s Miata, and Mei co-drove Slava’s MR2. As is autocross tradition, both codrivers beat their car’s owners. Mei prevailed in the husband-and-wife-to-be duel, finishing 5th in class to her fiancee’s 6th. Brandon narrowly pulled off a 3rd place finish, finishing six tenths ahead of Ed.

The STS2 grid was awash with tire cooling, course discussion, setup advice and general teamwork. It was pretty cool. There are a lot of pictures in the gallery.

Mid-July BDR rollup

Monday, July 17th, 2006

BDR was represented at three more July events.

July 8th: Autocrossers Inc Autox @ Ripken

On July 8th, Mei and Slava attended the Autocrossers, Inc. event at Ripken Stadium. Mei’s car was still down for the count, so she co-drove in Slava’s MR2. Er, rather, their Celica and their MR2. Tony Powell won STS2, with Slava finishing 2nd, and Mei finishing 3rd.

This was a Crossroads points event, so an additional 19 points were scored for team BDR.

July 8th-9th: NASA Hyperfest @ Summit Point

Dan, Paul and John attended NASA’s “import scene y0″ event / HPDE at Summit Point. Also in attendance were BDR technical consultant Alex and BDR honorary balla Mark in his Ronald McDonald Porsche. Dan enjoyed his newfound b00st and instructed two students without dying. Paul continued his climb up the HPDE ladder, getting more experience in HPDE3. John signed up for HPDE1, but his instructor asked after 10 minutes why he hadn’t signed up for HPDE2. Ah well, next time.

No metal was bent, and John was bumped into HPDE2, so all in all it was a successful weekend.

July 15th: CDC Autox @ Manassas

John took out BDR technical consultant for his first two runs and, naturally, botched them badly. As Alex proved at Hyperfest, he has a deleterious effect on the ability of other BDR drivers to drive well. Some sort of telekenetic power, perhaps. With Alex out of the car, John was able to get his times out of the realm of suckitude and into the realm of decency. John, not well versed in the art of sandbagging (since it requires you, at some point, to drive fast) continued to destroy his CDC index, dropping it down to 1.04 from its high of 1.06.

BDR captain almost maimed by bus; BDR continues points chase

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

On July 1, Ed, John and Ben attended CDC’s first autocross at the Bowie Baysox stadium. The lot was a pretty good size – bigger than Harry Grove, smaller than Ripken. The course was very slalomy, not very well suited to porky AWD cars.

Ed was running some great times in his STS2-plus-R-compound-so-CSP Miata. On his fun runs, he threw down a 42.13 – one of the fastest “no horsepower” times of the day. His fun runs gave him 92 points, but his “official” runs put him at 88 points. Ben won the turbo-AWD shootout of the day, finishing with a 43.8 and 82 points.

John ran his first three runs about seven or eight pounds of air short (thanks to a broken tire gauge). During his work assignment, a team bus that was parked on the far side of the lot decided to venture out onto the course, ignoring several miles worth of yellow caution tape, about two hundred cones and two courseworkers. John, seeing this and wanting to avoid a possible incident, tried to stop the bus by getting in front of it and yelling “Stop. STOP. STOP!! STOP!!!!1111!”. The bus driver, who was either senile, blind, deaf or some combination thereof, continued as if John was not there. John’s brief and mediocre autocross career flashed before his eyes before cowardly retreating to the safety of his station. Fortunately the next station stopped the bus without incident.

Visibly shaken, John and could only muster a 45.28 in the afternoon.

All things considered, another fun event. BDR scored another 27 points for the Crossroads points series and remains in first place.