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BDR members featured prominently in 2007 Capital Driving Club calendar!

Friday, December 29th, 2006

Ed Chan recently sent out the 2007 CDC calendar, a PDF file suitable for printing, hanging and framing. BDR members featured included:

  • Al: February 2007 (BDR technical consultant)
  • John: June 2007 (trunkmonkey in full effect)
  • Ed: September 2007 (best numbers evAr)

The calendar is mirrored here for those of you who didn’t attend a CDC event in 2006.

Totally overdue 2006 BDR Season In Review!

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

2006 was an exciting year for BDR. In total, BDR drivers attended 29 events, including all the DC events and the DC ProSolo. Everyone got massive seat time. John was the #1 autocross nerd, attending 22 events. Ben was close behind with 19. Slava and Ed attended 14, with Mei attending 13 thanks to her bachlorette party. Brandon attended 10, Andy attended 5, Dan (captain of BDR Team Trackwhore) attended 3 and Paul chipped in with one. Paul decided (after almost killing three courseworkers and the timing equipment) that he wanted to dedicate himself to track events.This addiction to seat time paid off, as everyone made excellent progress in 2006. Individually, five BDR members finished in the top 5 in their class in the WDCR Solo year-end standings. BDR took home nine trophies in 2006, along with twenty in-class finishes of 3rd place or better.

The team overcame incredible odds and mechanical difficulties. John’s car finished the year with a bad CV boot. Running -3.7 in the front was bound to mess something up eventually. (Thanks to Andrewtech for the fix!) Mei’s Celica spent more than half the year on the shelf with a blown engine, forcing her to adapt to the spintastic MR2. That MR2 had its own issues, occasionally spewing oil. Dan had to say goodbye to his 200,000 mile KA24 early on in the year when it let go at a February track day at VIR. BDR Technical Consultant Alex had his own Bridgestone-induced MR2 issues. Ben’s Evo… well, you can use your imagination for that one. Jake’s Celica spent the entire year on the shelf, though we believe that the primary reasons for that were not mechanical.

As a team, the crowning achievement was winning the 2006 Crossroad Racing AutoX series! This series was based on PAX finishes at events with five different clubs at five different venues. The 11-event series concluded with BDR in first place by a commanding margin.

Perhaps the best moments in 2006 were the ones based not on asphalt and concrete, but on grass. No, not rallycross – Mei and Slava’s backyard. Proving the old racing adage, “the team that drinks together, stays together”, BDR made sure not to neglect the recreational side of racing. The March installfest went well, with two suspension swaps and everyone pointing out to Andy that his motor had a lot more oil on the outside of it than on the inside. Hoptimus Prime was consumed, along with many other delicious microbrews. And Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift was a hit feature. If you’re not out of control, you’re not in control.

The new season offers many questions about the future of BDR.

* Will John’s clutch hang on for another year, with the DC Pro and the 4-event WDCR ProSolo on the horizon?
* Will Mei’s Celica ever hit lift again?
* Will Slava add another 16 second RWD Japanese car to his growing stable?
* Will Ben continue to be the only Evo in STU (not counting people who accidentally park in grid)?
* Which car will Ed prep for the 2007 season?
* Will Dan ever overcome the devastating loss of his KA24?
* Will Paul actually kill someone at an autocross?
* Will Jake stop killing dragonflies long enough to get a clean run in somewhere?
* Will ‘DK’ begin his b00sted assault on the local autocross circuit?
* Will Brandon give up autocross to pursue a career as an Abercrombie model?

The answers to these questions, and more, will be revealed in 2007.

Until next time…