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Archive for July, 2007

91504: Some 90K stuff

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Last night (the 1st) I changed the oil (M1 10W30) and the rear diff fluid (Redline 75W90).

Whee! Rear diff required a syringe. Not sure what I’m gonna do about the gearbox.

75K maintainance…

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Here’s the breakdown:

Interval: 75000 miles / 75 month service
Action Description
Replace Engine oil
Replace Engine oil filter
Inspect Disc brake pads and discs, front and rear axle boots and axle shaft joint portions
Perform Inspect brake lines and check operation of parking and service brake system
Inspect Clutch operation
Inspect Steering and suspension
Perform Rotate and Inspect Tires

Oil/Filter: gotta check

Brakes: Might need new rotors. Pads should be okay.

That’s not much. Excellent.

ProSolo wrapup

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

After realizing too late that the ProSolo registration was open, only John ended up registering in time. Hopes were high that the weather would be better than the Great Drenching of 2006.

STX was highly attended, with 14 entries – only 5 from the DC region. It was dominated by WRX’s, with a couple of Minis and a couple of Sentras.

After the first 4 runs, John was in 5th place – the last trophy spot. His first run on the left side ended up being his fastest. On the right side, John’s second run was okay, but there was a lot of room for improvement.

In the afternoon runs, John had a .499 red light that threw away a nice improvement that would have kept him in 5th. Instead, Warren Rhymer from the Pittsburgh area slipped ahead of him into the last trophy spot.

On Day 2, it all came down to the last run on the right side. John came across the line with a six-tenths improvement, good enough to claim the last trophy spot, but he hit the last cone on the course – after the finish line and did not move up. Matt Stecky from Ohio slid ahead of him into 6th place, leaving John in 7th. Not great, but having the raw times to trophy is a promising sign.

Warning: some videos contain profanity :)