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BDR infiltrates 2007 Subaru Challenge

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

After a quick experiment at the end of the June autocross school, there was strong interest in experimenting with other peoples’ cars. The 2007 Subaru Challenge was a great opportunity. Of course, it would mean driving a Subaru, but it’s a small price to pay for some seat time.

In STX, Slava hopped into John’s WRX and Ben hopped into Brandon’s WRX. The rain stopped just as the first runs were about to start, so the course was drying but not fast enough. John sent Slava out with a dry setup to start with – always a good strategy. After dropping the tires from 45/40 to 36/32 and softening the shocks, things were much better. By the time the fourth runs came around, the course was much more driveable. Brandon took over 1st with a 52.7, but ultimately things would come down to the 4th run as with the 3rd runs being too wet to be competitive. Slava started it with a 53.1 – at the time good enough for 1st. Dekonti Sayeh in his Saabaru then put down a 52.2 to go over the top. With the pressure on, John ran a 51.8 to take first place back for BDR (and away from GM). Brandon then ran a 51.1 – but there was a cone attached. Fortunately, Brandon had a rerun yet to go. An early spin cost him 1st, but he stil retained 3rd. In the end, BDR took three of the top 4 slots in the class. John won an RC car for his efforts.

Kevin, Al and Mei (in Kevin’s car) represented BDR in STU. Mei (“I heart boost”) eked out Alski by five thousandths of a second, despite Al receiving Brandon’s coaching assistance. Kevin was a mere two tenths back (“DAGGER!”). The STU showdown ended up coming down to a matter of hundredths with Francois Bru nicking Iman Capers for the win.

In SM, Ed and Bruce were reprazen’in in Ed’s fender-flared wagon. Mechanical problems limited their success though, as the car had to be retired after run #3. Ed finished 15th in a huge SM class (32 entries) and Bruce finished 21st.

The Challenge round was not normalized for weather, so John was the only one who advanced (barely!), PAXing 15th overall while running in the wet. Depending on if you use the 2006 PAX or the 2007 PAX, John finished 7th or 6th.