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End of season wrapup

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

The dust has finally settled on the 2007 season. It was a really strong year for everyone. Slava and Mei finished 3rd and 4th in STS2 codriving their underdog MR2 in STS2. Ed finished 7th in STS2 without running a full DC schedule, and finished 10th overall in CDC – a heck of a run with an STS2/CSP Miata in a points series that is only based on raw times. (BDR members may not always finish well in the CDC points standings, but when SCCA PAX is applied things turn out much better :) ) Bruce also finished strong while running a partial schedule, doing battle with Ed for the title of Miata King. John finished 2nd in STX – not bad for not having a suspension until June. Ben and Kevin finished 19th and 24th respectively in an incredibly competitive STU class that included several national trophy winners. Alski could only make it to four events but still managed to finish 9th in STU at the Subaru Challenge. Brandon also ran a very limited schedule but still finished 3rd at the June WDCR event and 3rd at the Subaru Challenge (where he had the raw time for 1st).

Neal’s totally bananas RX7 started and ran. All it needs now are some Hoosiers.

Sadly, we may be losing Brandon to California next year, where he will be charged with starting the West Coast chapter.

On a happier note, Jake should be back next year now that his clutch actually has friction material on both sides.

The big questions for next year:

* Is Neal a real person?

* Which of the fleet will Slava and Mei drive? (What class does a 2002 GMC Yukon run in?)

* Will Jake have more autocross runs than experience points?

* Will Brandon have more autocross runs than kWH generated? Will we lose him to California forever?

* Will John leave his suspension setup alone for two consecutive events, ever? How many CEL’s will he throw?

* Will Ed run something other than race tires on both of his cars?

* Will Al… actually autocross?

* Will Kevin challenge Ben to a battle on Mt Akina to uphold the reputation of STi?

All these questions, and more, to be answered…