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June 1 @ Fedex

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Because of a BDR wedding, half of the team had to run in *SP instead of ST*.

235 width street tires vs ESP cars on wide-ass race tires? :unamused:

Parted-out, back-to-stock 05 STi vs BSP cars on wide-ass race tires? :unamused:

Despite the misclassings, good times were had. John finished 6th out of 8 in ESP (and beat FSP), a mere 3.5 seconds back from Brian Burdette. Kevin finished 7th/8 in STU. Ben isn’t in the results, and I am not sure why.

In STS2, Mei struck back in Spouse Battlestage 2008 (!!!!1), hanging half a second on Slava.

Finally, Travis took the first BDR class win of the year, finishing 1st in a 14-car STS field.