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project: BDR is a motorsports team and group of friends in the Washington, DC area. Our primary focus is autocross, but many of us also do track events. And all of us love cars.

May recap

NRAS @ Cumberland Airport, May 3

The Cumberland Airport autoxes held by National Road Autosports are always good times. The courses aren’t what one might call “technical” (i.e. painful for momentum cars) but they are well run and very relaxed. The sweet tea at the airport cafe is also rather awesome.

You don’t mess with the MR2 mafia.

Slava and Mei finished 1-2 in STS2 in their new-ish hardtop MR2.  Alski finished 2nd in STU, with his carefully prepped WRX against a pair of STi’s. John finished 1st in STX, PAX’d 6th out of 98 and had the fastest time on street tires.

WDCR/SCCA @ Fedex, May 4

With the first event having been tornadoed before STS, STX or STU could run, this was the first points event for most of BDR. Kevin would miss the event though, something about some massive party in Amsterdam. Some people think there’s more to life than autocross. Sad, but true :(

STS2 was deep as usual. Slava finished 7th and Mei finished 9th in a class won by kart junkie Brian Garfield. In the four-seater STS, Travis finished 2nd, only three tenths out of first. This was the first BDR trophy of the year.

As for the b00sted pig classes, Ben finished 8th in STU. John finished 3rd in STX, struggling to make his Subaru turn, at all. Apparently four degrees of negative camber in the front was not enough.

 I’ve got a fever and the only cure is… more front bar.

CDC @ Frederick, May 10

This event started out wet, but didn’t finish that way. Al and John ran early in the morning while the rain was coming down. Despite running respectable times for their heat, John and Al would only finish with 68 and 50 points respectively, being surpassed by many afternoon drivers on a dry course.

Travis had another strong event, finishing with 79 points. Ed, switching back to the Miata, finished with 56.

This would also be the last hurrah for John’s Cobb front swaybar. 23.5mm just isn’t getting it done. Kevin, parting out his oil-burning 05 STi to replace it with an oil-burning 08 STi, had some Whiteline 27mm mojo available. Oh yes.

That’s it for May. The yearly trip to the Outer Banks consumed the two following weekends.

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