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2008 DC ProSolo: John’s writeup

The DC ProSolo is always a good time. Unless you’re a clutch, in which case it’s probably your least favorite time of the year. I managed to snag a spot in STX, despite some goofiness with the registration system (“register at 11 pm! just kidding, send in a fax! wait, no, online registration works again!”).

Thankfully the car didn’t have any mechanical issues coming in. I took it to Andrewtech the Friday of practice starts, just to make sure that the alleged coolant leak was not present, and to get the squeaky belt desqueakified.

Practice starts and registration on Friday was pretty low key. I was getting 1.8′s for 60-foots and was in the .5′s and .6′s for reaction time.

Saturday AM started out okay – 3rd place behind Greg McCance (last year’s STX ProFinale champ) and JR from Philly. No help in Saturday PM, but now I was only .008 in front of Jason Wong (in Greg’s car). On Sunday morning, Eric Chiang bumped me to 4th by finding some time. With the pressure on, on my last run on the right course and last run of the event,  I eked out another tenth or so to put myself back into 3rd. After coning away the last trophy spot at the 2007 DC Pro I was pretty happy to come through this time :)

After the Sunday AM runs were over we had the Bonus Challenge drawing. After volunteering to work the Challenge rounds the last two years (including the Great Deluge of 2006) I wanted to actually put my name in the hat this time. I got picked! In the first round I drew Chris Franson from DSP. I ended up breaking out on the left, and almost breaking out on the right (if not for a .8xx reaction time) and advanced when Chris coned on the right side course. In the semifinal I drew Scott Hoffman in his HS RSX. After running on the longer left side course I was down by nine tenths. On the shorter right course, I made up seven of the nine tenths but ultimately lost it at the lights with bad reaction times on both sides (.785 and .805 after averaging low .6xx’s). I blame my clutch (which died after the event) but in reality my 2nd launch was a break in concentration when I got confused about whose light was supposed to go off first.

Again, huge thanks to Andrewtech for getting the car sorted, and again to DTD (source of my Neovas), Hypercoil (source of my springs) and TurboXS (source of my downpipe) for their support this season!

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    That’s got to be the best shop quote ever.
    It left me lollergaggin for a second in my tiny ass apartment.

    Come visit SoCal…


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