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project: BDR is a motorsports team and group of friends in the Washington, DC area. Our primary focus is autocross, but many of us also do track events. And all of us love cars.

2010 midseason update!

The 2010 season is in full swing. Some highlights:

  • At the 4-11 AI event, no BDR member lost to anyone who wasn’t also a BDR member: Dan 1st in AS; John/Travis 1st/2nd in STX; Slava/Mei/Ben 1st/2nd/3rd in STS.
  • John and Travis split the first two WDCR points events. Travis won the “need to be careful and patient” event, with John taking the “need to be loud and crazy” event.
  • Ed, Ben and Mark have all had excellent CDC finishes including Mark picking up 98 index points at the 5-29 event.
  • John had the 4th fastest time overall and top time on street tires at the 4-17 BMWCCA event.
  • PAX results have been very solid this year for everyone.

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