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project: BDR is a motorsports team and group of friends in the Washington, DC area. Our primary focus is autocross, but many of us also do track events. And all of us love cars.

End of July wrapup

July 29th: National Road Rally at Cumberland

Cumberland Airport, several zip codes away from Fedex, has hosted various motorsports events since the 1950′s. Having heard good things, John drove allll the way out there to see what it was like. The overall verdict: It could use a little more organization and perhaps some more technical courses, but it’s pretty fun.

It was a two day event, but with the Katona Memorial on Sunday, John only ran on Saturday. John managed to hit the same slalom cone on three of his runs. His fastest run of the day was a 58.8 that he made unnecessarily long by going on the wrong side of a gate. His only clean run was a 60.281, still good for first place and 16th overall in PAX. The 58.8, if clean, would only have put him in 11th.

Everyone was amazingly friendly, even the guy wearing the t-shirt that said “Welcome to America, now speak English.” There were some nice cars as well, including several old Audi quattros.

July 30th: Ron Katona Memorial @ Fedex

With Slava and Mei plotting their wedding, and Ed busy doing something else, only the turbo/all wheel drive members of BDR made it out for the Ron Katona Memorial event.

John’s campaign to get some Subaru owners to their first autocross had proved successful. The Katona was attended by no less than thirty-one Subarus. Unsurprisingly, Ben was STILL the only Evo at the day’s autocross. Many excuses were uttered from the Evo camp, mostly about how they were too busy re-touching their dyno charts in Photoshop for use in their evolutionm.net signature. Ben is apparently the only Evo owner in a 200-mile radius who has not swapped to a GT35R.

When the dust had settled, Ben had represented the Mitsu camp well, finishing 12th in a 26-car STU class, only 4 seconds behind Mike Neary.

For this event, John offered Brandon a codrive in his overprepped and underdriven WRX. Brandon had previously had success in John’s car, winning STX at the May 13th event. After Brandon found a hole in one of his tires following his 3rd run, John offered up his car for Brandon’s 4th run and Brandon did not disappoint, overcoming the car’s twitchy tendencies with a 54.9.

STX was, as usual, quite interesting. The Olsens, as they have done so many times in the past, took up two of the trophy positions. However, the 2nd place trophy went to Gil Bucher in a borrowed Mazdaspeed Protege. Vince was 4th, .1 behind Larry Olsen, and Brandon was 5th, .1 behind Vince. John finished 6th after experiencing a severe glovebox failure that marred his 3rd run.

Alex from Team WTF?! took pictures during STX instead of driving like he usually does, so there are some excellent pictures of the car with the Trunkmonkey in full swing in the gallery.

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