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project: BDR is a motorsports team and group of friends in the Washington, DC area. Our primary focus is autocross, but many of us also do track events. And all of us love cars.

Points chase continues in August

August 13th, 2006 WDCR #5

The August DC region event again featured an all-Street Touring BDR cast.

In STS2, Slava and Mei again co-drove the MR2. Mei’s Celica remained broken. Slava and Mei finished less than a second apart, with Slava ending up 4th and Mei in 5th.

In STU, Ben was finally joined by another Evo. He finished 13th in what was another huge STU class.

In STX, the usual suspects (Greg and Vince) took the top two slots. Special guest Courtney Cormier finished 3rd with a 58.589. Brandon was a mere three tenths of a second back of the 2006 DC Pro STX champion with a 58.619.

August 19th CDC @ Bowie

Ed was the lone representative for BDR at this event. He finished with 75 points. Ed, so far, is the BDR Points Series MVP, thanks to his short-course domination at the CDC events.

August 27th AI @ Ripken

Another ST-only contingent attended the 4th Autocrossers, Inc event at Ripken Stadium. The course was, as usual, diabolical.

For this event, John had offered DC region starter and Subaru rear strut top bolt installer Greg Obadia a co-drive in his STX WRX. The car was not, how do you say, “dialed in”, with John having switched to shaved FK451′s for the first time for this event. Greg’s opinions of the car included such glowing compliments as

  • “it feels like there’s NO front end grip”
  • “I can’t feel anything from the brakes”
  • “F@#$%! F@#$%!!!”
  • “God damned ice mode?!”

After overcoming the car’s looseness, lack of grip and lack of brakes, Greg threw down the 2nd fastest STX time of the day in the Pro class. John’s best time was 1.6 seconds back, proving once again that he is badly underdriving his car. John did trophy in STX, albeit barely.In STU, Ben finished 6th in an unusually dense class filled with Fedex regulars. Andy finished 4th in STS, one slot and a half second out of the trophies. The “you don’t see that at every autox” award goes to the GMC Typhoon that was running in SM2.

This was a points event, and Ben, Andy and John’s finishes should score the team enough points to stay in first place.

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