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project: BDR is a motorsports team and group of friends in the Washington, DC area. Our primary focus is autocross, but many of us also do track events. And all of us love cars.

Mid-September Points Chase update!

September 3rd, 2006 WDCR #6

There were thousands of spectators for the penultimate event in the 2006 WDCR/SCCA series. Most of them were bees and gnats.

The course was a break from WDCR tradition, with Sam Strano designing a course that made everyone think. Or just use lots of profanity. Some did both. The PAX ended up smacking the street tire cars pretty hard, but it was a valuable demonstration of “slow in, fast out.”

Mei’s Celica was still broken (but closer to being unbroken), so Mei was again in STS2 battling it out with Ed and Slava. The STS2 crew had the misfortune of running first on a still-drying course. Ed finished 4th and later commented that he had “sucked it up today.” Mei won the Fiancee Battlestage-ah by one second over hubby-to-be Slava. They finished 5th and 6th, respectively. All of us running in the later heats thank you sincerely for helping to dry off the course.

STU was again huge, and a bit shaken up. The 22/122 STU STi still had a blown shock, so Nate Small ended up co-driving Ben’s Evo, while David MacDougall ended up in Corrie Wolfe’s STi. Nate had an adjustment period learning to drive the Evo, finding that it was one inch wider, and making sure to hit all sorts of cones with that extra inch of car. He finished 8th, without a clean run. Ben followed closely in 9th place.

Brandon arrived to Fedex a little later than normal and co-drove John’s WRX to avoid that whole “tech” issue. John’s WRX was on shaved 245-35/17 FK451′s for the second event and John was still trying to dial the car in. After adding one click of stiffness in the rear shocks and dropping a couple of pounds of air out of the rear tires the car was pretty much spot on (well, as spot on as a car with 550 lb/in springs can be). After John’s 4th run, he sat in third place, behind Greg Olsen and Jim Harris. But John’s first WDCR trophy was not to be, as Vince “Ducky” Bly came in on his last run with a 66.971 to bump John back into fourth (but only .2 seconds out of 2nd). . Brandon started off his fourth run blazing, but the Subaru bit back and spun in the top left corner of the course. Brandon would finish 5th.

  • Pictures
  • No video; John forgot the AV cable again.

September 9th, CDC @ Harry Grove

The September 9th CDC event was much less bug infected. The course was the autocross equivalent of the Daytona 500: almost exclusively left turns. Unfortunately it was a bit late for everyone to switch alignments, so the standard setup would have to do.

There are no SCCA classes, so everyone was going for times. The results are not posted yet, but what we do know is that Slava’s best time was a 44.0 – good enough for BDR FTD. John was so upset that he drove his car over a curb in the Costco parking lot. (A sideskirt was harmed, but pop-rivets were enough to rescue it.)

Results are not posted yet but video should be up shortly.

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  1. Mike Moran Says:

    John’s 1st run features some hot blue Mini action!!

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