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project: BDR is a motorsports team and group of friends in the Washington, DC area. Our primary focus is autocross, but many of us also do track events. And all of us love cars.

BDR hits the 2006 Subaru Challenge!

Ah, the Subaru Challenge. In its four year history, it has failed to produce a boring event. In 2003, the event was held at the now-defunct Cloverleaf Mall lot in Richmond. Since 2004 it has been held at Cal Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, MD and run by the WDCR SCCA Committe. The 2004 event was a monsoon. The 2005 event was dry and very competitive. Where would 2006 fall?

Super Ripken Special Stage!

Early indications were that we were in for a repeat of 2004. The rain started early, just as John pulled in for registration. He had two choices: almost-full-tread RE070′s, which are plenty competitive in the dry, or his shaved Falken FK451′s, which are faster in the dry, but at 3/32″ not terribly useful in the wet. John took a risk and went with the Falkens, hoping that things would dry up. A smarter person may have realized that giving up 10% in the dry was better than giving up 50% in the wet, but as the BDR fans are no doubt aware, John is not that person.

Ed was first up, in his Street Modified 2004 WRX Wagon. Ed’s car is seriously quick, but he found his Goodyear F1′s lacking in grip. Running street tires in “Street” Modified is like bringing a water pistol to a bazooka fight. Ed stepped up appropriately and, with the help of the Mid-Atlantic Subaru community, requisitioned himself a set of Prodrive wheels with Toyo RA-1′s. Although Ed has been running in STS2 for most of the year, he is a closet R-compound junkie.

RA1′s FTW!

SM was by far the biggest class at the challenge with 32 competitors. Despite all the competition, and despite Ed never having driven his wagon on R-compounds before, Ed managed a 6th place finish, good enough to earn him a trophy. First place was taken home by Patrick Olsen, running possibly the only naturally aspirated car in the class. Patrick also had the spin of the day, coming into the finish a little hot and going through the end gates backwards.


STX ran second heat. Representing BDR today was John in his bugeye WRX, and Andy who signed up to co-drive. John’s tire choice looked good halfway through the first heat, but when the rain started again, it looked like the JIC Magic/Butt Dyno Racing #55 WRX was in for a long day. Fortunately the rain was starting to slack off. As the heat advanced, the course was rapidly drying. For John, the times were falling fast: 54.5, 54.0, 53.6, 52.5. Andy was also learning the car quickly: 72.2 + spin, 55.3, 54.5, 52.8 +1. Andre Downey was uncatchable in the wet though, running a 50.6. John’s 52.5 was good for 3rd in the fifteen car class and a trophy. Andy’s 4th time would have been good for 4th in the class if not for the cone.

The bugeye makes its way through the course

One of the innovative features of the Subaru Challenge is the final Super Challenge. In the past this has been the top 16 or top 32 PAX competitors. For this event it was the top 5 PAX from each heat, since the weather varied so widely between heats. Ed qualified to the challenge thanks to his 6th place finish and one of the Hampton Roads people heading home early. John was behind some serious talent in his group, finishing behind Eric Kriemelmeyer, Chris Carris, Pat Griffith, Andre Downey, Francois Bru, Jake Moran, Clyde Caplan, Myron Ware, Greg Obadia, and Steve Salisbury, so even if the event had been expanded to the top 8 PAX per heat, some people would have had to drop out for him to make it.

For the Challenge, Ed borrowed Dan-tech’s Andrewtech/Gearboxtech.com 2002 WRX, equipped with a larger turbo, race tires and those awesome-sounding PPG gears. A mis-shift on his second run cost him some time, and he ended up 18th in the overall challenge.

Ahh the sweet whine of straight-cut gears.

John took two fun runs when the day was over, just to see how the course was in the dry. It was significantly more fun that way. On RE070′s at street pressures (34/31), John ran a 47.9 followed by a 46.7. Had he made the Challenge, these two runs would have been good for 5th overall. So, the day wasn’t a total loss. Well, until he offered Greg Olsen a chance to drive his car and Greg ran a 45.2. Yeah, he’s fast.

  • Pictures from both teamwtf.org and AcquaCow are up in the Gallery.
  • Video hasn’t been ripped yet. John is a slacker.

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