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project: BDR is a motorsports team and group of friends in the Washington, DC area. Our primary focus is autocross, but many of us also do track events. And all of us love cars.

June WDCR event… a sweep in STX!

With a fresh autocross class under their belt, BDR headed to Fedex again for the June event.

In STX, John’s car was finally dialed in. At the last minute, fellow NASIOC moderator Eric G needed a ride, with his swapped RS still having problems. So, John, Brandon and Eric waged war against the Minis. The end result: an unprecedented Subaru 1-2-3 in STX! Eric kept the Curse of the Codriver alive, finishing 1st in John’s WRX. John finished three tenths behind in 2nd. Brandon, showing up to his first event in 2007, finished two tenths behind in 3rd place. After a loose skimming of the WDCR archives, this appears to be the first time in STX (and maybe the first time period) that Subarus have taken all three of the trophies in a class at a WDCR event.

In STS2, Slava narrowly won the spouse battle, finishing 4th to Mei’s 5th place. In STU, Ben finished 13th in an incredibly tightly-bunched STU class.

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